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Our planet earth has been assessed to be 4.543 billions years old.

While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization is only known to be about 6,000 to 10,000 years old. Industrialization started in the earnest only in the 1800s and have brought us today to dangerous levels of comfort and fear.

Our economic and industrial revolutions have been developed only to satisfy the insatiable desires of humans and unquenchable targets of comforts of life, without due regard to protect our mother earth and her natural potential. Developments with science and technology have made this world seemingly more comfortable, but with a hidden agenda that the resources of mother earth are tapering off at rapid rate, in the bargain.

The words on sustainable development are uttered now and then, spelling out the important needs to preserve earthly resources for many generations after us, but humans can’t stop industrial revolutions. The use of fossil fuels being tapped for our day to day living, is not without side effects. Massive industrial, automotives emissions of carbon dioxide have resulted in cognizable climatic changes that we are able to notice in our times daily.

There is the news of Glaziers melting, temperature and levels of land and seas around the globe dangerously raising, threatening to shrink our lands in foreseeable future. The climatic changes are seen in exponential rise, uncontrollable forest fires becoming common in all countries around the world, dangerous extinction of species both in sea and land are accelerating the urgent necessity for our global civilization to take strong steps to put a break. Natural disasters like earthquake, floods, loss of human lives are hitting headlines, almost daily.

In order to avert damage caused to our earthly resources, there are serious efforts underway, in all nations to switch to renewable greener energies and do away with conventional use of coal and petroleum products. So deeply wedded to use of electrical energy for all our domestic and industrial needs, unless this energy is tapped from alternative sources, humans cannot stop climatic changes and catastrophe.

India strives today with firm resolve to switch to alternative sources of electric power using wind and sun. While Wind energy is already in the vogue through wind mills, this needs vast land space for installing wind mills. Solar power tapped from Sun is an unending source that the future civilization have to develop and live with.

Coming to the use of solar power for our domestic needs in our homes, today it has become easier to install solar power and less dependence on corporation electric supplies and to reduce our power bills. A mere one KW generation of electric power through solar cells, in any apartment living will provide comfortable supplies for fans and lightning. Further needs for electric pumps and air conditioners can also be achieved through increase of solar panels, which have long maintenance free life of around 25 years.

The NEED Of the hour, let’s all join hands to-gether and….

“Harness Renewable Energy from Nature………for a Green Future”!!!!